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DISCLAIMER: This website contains information that I've read about, learned about, or have otherwise experienced. Unless references are provided, everything here is entirely anecdotal and should be adopted at your own risk. The website may contain vulgarities. I may also go on unhinged, conspiratorial rants, and that's rather unfortunate for you.

Welcome to Red&Green Redemption, a semi-sarcastic, but also mostly serious website about pulling yourself up by your rubber boots, busting out the duck* tape, and just doing it yourself, as the punk kids used to say.
In reality, this is a repository for things I learn and want to share with anyone who views it. Very heavily inspired by MacRev (fka Macgyver Revolution) and TortillaTortilla. I will likely never have the spanning content that TortillaTortilla has on their website, but by golly, I'll try. As a frigid snow-walker, I felt that having an alternative to MacRev that is able to provide some Canada perspective wouldn't be bad.

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*: I am aware it's duct and not duck, but where's the fun in that?
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