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DISCLAIMER: This website contains information that I've read about, learned about, or have otherwise experienced. Unless references are provided, everything here is entirely anecdotal and should be adopted at your own risk. The website may contain vulgarities. I may also go on unhinged, conspiratorial rants, and that's rather unfortunate for you.

Good morning, good evening, and good night. I'm techramancer, your local chaotic spirit who may or may not be a Dragon Quest slime in a hooded disguise. I've also been told that I resemble Pepé in a hood. Thanks TortillaTortilla. :/ lol <3

But in all seriousness, I'm an early-to-mid thirties cismale from the frigid north known as Canada. My hope is that I can provide some interesting and and knowledged resources. I hope to share as much as I can with what I know, be that a little or a lot.

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